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Information available here focuses on the professional, my curriculum vitae in particular, but links to some personal information are also provided under the assumption that the world of work is not simply a matter of professional productivity but of interpersonal relationship and avocation also.

Professional Qualifications

Curriculum Vitae1 (PDF)
Along with the essential elements of formal education and professional activity my focus in this document is on teaching, breadth of skills, service, and improving access to educational resources. The latter is a project I have been involved with in one way or another since 1978 when I began experimenting with the educational possibilities inherent in microcomputers and, subsequently, networking.

Philosophy and Theoretical Stance (PDF)
Broadly speaking my stance is pragmaticist (cf., C.S. Peirce), a qualified scientific realism.word cloud image - click to see detail) Knowledge is consequential, simultaneously unique and shared, a separation and union with a world that is itself developing and undergoing change. This document describes the conceptual framework guiding my participation in union (the 'word cloud' on the right was [de]constructed from the document's conclusion).

Personal Notes

Avocations (HTML)
It is fortunate to have a fulfilling vocation so hobbies become frosting on the cake rather than an escape from drudgery. Here are a few things I like to do (or have done) when I can make time for them. Page includes full-color photographs, links to interactive puzzles, and an embedded jukebox which may slow down loading a bit.

Just the Two of Us (HTML)
And still having fun; amen.



1 Note: Why "Curriculum Vitae" ("Vitae" for short) instead of the widely accepted "Curriculum Vita" or "Vita" as the formal title of an academic résumé? [more] Because a former colleague and romance language scholar told me the latter was neither very meaningful nor very good Latin. I might have glossed this to avoid the work involved in changing 'vita' references in multiple documents but, as you may imagine, my colleague had more say in regards to appropriate use of the nominative vs. genitive case, meaningful connection between two otherwise unrelated nouns, gender and agreement problems if the nominative case is used (e.g, vita is feminine), respect for classical language inherent in the liberal arts tradition and so forth. Well, to make a long story (somewhat) shorter, discretion seemed the better part of valor and I edited documents accordingly; colleagues should not be ignored particularly if they are speaking with reference to their cognate.